Made In India: We Dress the World

There is so much to talk about the Indian Apparel Industry... And with the changes that have been happening in recent times, there is a lot to look forward to and discuss. I am just setting off a conversation which I am sure a lot of you can participate in and contribute to. 

Based on four pillars of New Processes, infrastructure, Sectors and above all, Mindset, Our ‘Make in India’ initiative is known the world over.  As a professional working closely with this industry since more than two decades, I can tell you, this program has marked a paradigm shift in how Government interacts with industry, not as a regulator, but, as a facilitator. We are confident today of becoming the Global Manufacturing destination of the world in the next few years.

However, the Indian Apparel industry has been forever the Made in India Industry. We are suppliers to some of the best fashion brands of the world, to name some- Zara, Uniqlo, Gap and Muji among many others. This gives me the confidence to invite Buyers from all over the world today to source from India. We are increasingly engaging with global brands and buyers to plan for greater sourcing from here. We are looking at working in garment categories vacated by China and many other new ones. 

Frankly, when I talk of the Indian apparel industry, I just don't talk apparel . Because we don’t just manufacture apparel. We manufacture happiness. We contribute to the creation and maintenance of millions of livelihoods, leading to further diversification and vitality in our developing country. With the recent reforms and package announcement by the Ministry, we have been able to provide adequate flexibility and provident fund benefits to our workers. Social security and favourable overtime rules have made our workman happy. The resultant shorter order execution and delivery periods will certainly be pleasant news to the ears of my buyers too. We believe in the mantra- Happy workers make happy clothing! We invite brands from all over the world to partner with us in our happiness.

The Indian Apparel industry is now ready for the next leap.  In light of the growing need to balance compliance considerations with cost and other factors, and given the rising demands of a globalized multichannel market, there is an understanding that apparel sourcing has become more complex. We are diligently working to improve standards throughout the value chain and adhere to sustainability strategies consistently. We firmly believe these are steps in the right direction. We are now prepared to take up larger roles. Our mature design and merchandising capability, ability to provide FOB and tariff advantages and above all, the ability to cater to a diverse product demand from the basic to the value added, all sum up to make us the sourcing destination of choice.

The Buyer is our customer and the Indian manufacturers believe in making lifelong ones! Over the next few years, the apparel manufacturers are looking revolutionizing the way we service our Buyers. We believe our Buyers should be allowed to focus on their customer, while we focus on ours...

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